Persefone - In Lak'Ech -12" Vinyl single

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Persefone - In Lak'Ech -12" Vinyl single
Persefone - In Lak'Ech - 12" Vinyl single -  Limited to 500 copies

Release 2018-04-20 


Side A: In Lak'Ech

Side B: Stillness is Timeless (Instrumental) 

Guest vocals and violin by Tim Charles (Ne Obliviscaris)

Mixed and Master by Logan Mader

A year has passed since Persefone unleashed their highly acclaimed album “Aathma”. After a European headline tour, festival shows and a smaller Japan tour, the band is set to release a brand-new single "In Lak'Ech"!

"In Lak'Ech"! is a song, incorporating elements and atmospheres from the band's entire back catalogue and should aim at satisfying any Persefone listener, no matter which previous album is your favourite. 

Miguel Espinosa explains:

"There’s been a lot of stuff going on lately in the Persefone camp. Tours, festivals, new releases… And from time to time we like to get ourselves involved in new musical experiences, other than playing live. So after our tour in Japan we came back full of ideas and we jumped into the studio and started working on what would become “In Lak’Ech”. The conceptual idea of the unity of the human, being the whole Universe, got us really inspired and it took us only two days to have the song ready. Then we contacted Logan Mader to make the mixing and Tim Charles from Ne Obliviscaris for him to participate in the song. As smooth as the song writing, both the mix, the violin and vocal part worked perfectly with the mood of the moment, and we are really glad to have finished this song that we will play on our upcoming tours!" 

Tim Charles from Ne Obliviscaris:

 "Persefone’s ‘AATHMA’ was in my opinion one of the best albums of 2017, so when the band approached me about collaborating on this song I jumped at the chance to be a small part of their musical journey.

 Sometimes when guest appearing on other bands songs I need to adjust how I write or perform to ensure it fits their style, but with Persefone it seemed straight away a perfect match. One where I could just be myself and have it organically fit in as part of their sound. Creating an end result I think fans of both Persefone and Ne Obliviscaris will enjoy immensely.”