Devils Gun - ”Sing For The Chaos” CD

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Devils Gun - ”Sing For The Chaos” CD

Devils Gun - ”Sing For The Chaos” - CD 

Releasedate: 2019-04-12 

* Devil's Gun are back with their second album ”Sing For The Chaos” to show the world what heavy metal really is all about.

* This album will make you headbang like you’ve never heard the term whiplash, sing like your vocal chords are made of titanium and play air guitar until you actually become Yngwie Malmsteen himself!

* Devil’s Gun have toured all over Sweden and Europe in front of cheering crowds. 


01. Killer Machine

02. Tear Down The Wall

03. To The Devil

04. Lights Out

05. Sing For The Chaos

06. Electrical Shock

07. Queen Of Destruction

08. Alligator Fuckhouse

09. Bad To The Bone

10. On The Road